SAFER POWER Limited is a registered limited company in kenya comprising of four engineers with different and various strengths in electrical (Contractor Class A1), mechanical and biomedical fields. The company does all kinds of electrical installations, mechanical installations , biomedical equipment’s installations, validations and certifications, maintenance, supply of electrical equipment, CCTV and electric fence installations as well as technical assessments and advice on electrical matters for both domestic and commercial purposes.

We have come up with solutions to power problems affecting hospitals especially on delicate medical equipment’s. We basically ensure that all installations are controlled and safe for medical equipment’s and others uses by making
sure that it meets all its standards and I.E.E regulations. Among many issues we consider is a proper power distribution and protection from the main power room. Many electricians care less in terms of power upgrade, protection and control, a scenario where an example is given by some hospitals who start by one building and later expand gradually by adding buildings or machines one after the other without upgrading power protection and control.

At Safer Power Limited we always do proper and through power designs and calculations , then
proper installation testing and commissioning with all relevant tools and documents for
future reference .