We are authorized dealers of KJ Power in Turkey, a company that makes high quality generators to suit your every need.

Standard Open Type Generator Features
• 4 Stroke, 1500 RPM, Water Cooled Heavy Duty Diesel Engine
• Dry-Type Replaceable Air Filter
• Heat-resistant radiator for 50 degrees C
• Replaceable Wet-Type Cylinder Liner
• Flexible Oil Pipes and Oil Draining Valve
• Engine Jacket Water Heater
• 4 Poles, Self-Excitation, Brushless, Synchron Type Alternator Compatible with VDE 0530 & IEC341
• Electronic Type Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
• Batteries and Cables
• Electrostatic Paint Coated, Steel, Welded Chassis
• Fuel Tank Housed in the Chassis
• Industrial Type Silencer
• Electronic Battery Charger
• Electrical Wiring Diagram
• User Manual and Operating Manual
• Protection for Manual Operation

Optional Equipment
• Soundproof Canopy
• Automatic Transfer Switch
• Circuit Breaker
• Trailer
• External Fuel Tank
• Heating System for Fuel Tank
• Oil Heater
• Fuel Filling System (Automatic / Manual) Analog displays
• 1 Phase – 3 Phase Switch Plugs
• Alarm System for Fuel Level
• Voltage Options for 415/240V – 400/230V – 380/220V – 220/127V – 200/115V

Emergency Standby Power (ESP):

Supplying of emergency electrical power at variable load, in the event of normal
utility power failure. This rating is maximum power, no overload capability is available.

Prime Power (PRP):

Supplying of electrical power at variable load for an unlimited number of hours in the event of normal utility power failure. According to ISO 3046, 10% overload capability is available at 12 hours of working period.